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Dear students!
Pericles is open for business -- but remotely. If you need to call us, please allow some time to ring through as we have set up call forwarding, which means that the phone will ring to the office phone first, and only then be forwarded to our mobile.

Уважаемые студенты!
Pericles продолжает работу - но пока удаленно.  Наши телефоны работают по переадресации. Поэтому, пожалуйста, дождитесь ответа в течение 1-й минуты.

All Pericles summer courses will be offered with an on-line option.  If law requires it, or if we believe that it’s hazardous to our students or professors to teach in person, then the courses will only be on-line.  If we can safely hold classes at Pericles, you will have the chance of studying in person or online, as you prefer.

Due to our limited access to the campus during the Covid-19 shutdown, it may take several days to confirm your course registration. Please call +7-495-649-2273 or write if you are worried we might not have received it or you need an immediate confirmation.

Pericles Center for International Legal Education (Pericles) is an adult educational center based in Moscow, Russia. Since 1997 Pericles has offered legal skills, business skills, and test-preparation courses taught by highly qualified Western professors. As a not-for-profit organization, our main goal is to prepare our students for success. If you have any questions, feel free to write us at or call at (495) 649-2273.

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