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Phone: 8 (495) 649-2273

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-21:00 and Saturday 10:00-17:00.

We are closed Saturdays in August.

Pericles Reception, 3rd Floor, Room 310, 1st Miusskaya Street #22 building 3, Moscow 125047

Приемная : 3 этаж,комн. 310,1-я Mиусская ул. дом 22 стр. 3, Москва 125047

(behind Mendeleevskaya metro and near Lessnaya Ulitsa--entrance in the yard

/ вход за домом 20 стр. 5 по улице 1-я Миусская во дворе)

How to reach us:

The easiest metro route is from Novoslobodskaya Metro (approximately 8 minutes): exit the metro, cross under Novoslobodskaya Ulitsa, walk straight ahead down Veskovsky Pereulok past a few restaurants and coffee shops, turn right on the first street--1st Miusskaya Ulitsa and walk down past the lyseum and kindergarten on your right. Turn right into the driveway after the kindergarten, left at the parking gate, and straight ahead to the white tile 3 story building--22-3.

For the adventurous, there is a 3 minute shortcut from Mendeleevskaya--see sat-map link above.

Driving north from Tverskaya Ulitsa turn right on Chayanova street and follow it until it turns left into 1st Miusskaya Ulitsa.

Driving south on Novoslobodskaya Ulitsa turn right down Veskovsky Pereulok and right again onto the first street--1st Miuskaya Ulitsa.

Driving West from Lessnaya Ulitsa, 1st Miusskaya is one way at the point it crosses Lessnaya so turn right onto Miusskie Pereulok then the first left onto 2nd Miusskaya Ulitsa until the end and then right onto 1st Miusskaya Ulitsa.