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Capitalist Christmas Party!




Come Join us for our first capitalist Christmas in our new office. 
Pericles office, 1st floor, rooms 101 and 102, 34 Marxistkaya Ulitsa, block 7.

Friday, December 14, 19:00-21:00


Capitalist Christmas Party!

To some people, the spirit of Christmas means giving and sharing. But at Capitalist Christmas Party, it means going home with the best toys! You should bring two or three gifts, each wrapped, and each under the value of 300 rubles. Then you get to take turns picking gifts, and stealing gifts from your friends. At the end, if there are any gifts left over, we auction them off and give the proceeds to charity. It's lots of fun – always one of our most popular Friday night events. And in between stealing gifts, you can eat, drink and socialize!

If you are one of those capitalist procrastinators who doesn't have time to buy or wrap gifts, you are still more than welcome. We will have some wrapping paper available and even a few wrapped gifts that you can purchase for 400 rubles each so that you too can get in on the game – with the difference between 400 rubles and the real value also going to charity.

This event is only open to all Pericles students and alumni, professors, staff, spouses, friends, and family members.

So click to register for the party now!

Come one, come all, and celebrate Capitalist Christmas!

See you there!