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Introduction to Soft Law and Regulatory Governance



JUNE 19th, 2018 (19:00)

Dear students and guests,

Please, come and meet LORENZO SASSO, an associate professor at the National Research University - Higher School of Economics in Moscow (

The lecture is dedicated to Introduction to soft law and regulatory governance.

“Globalization has eroded the sovereignty of States by prompting the diffusion of authority away from States to markets, firms, local and supranational bodies and sometimes to no authority at all. The process has been so powerful that States have had no choice but to conform to market pressures. We have witnessed the fueling of so-called soft law issued by international standard setters, independent authorities, inter-governmental organizations, multi-national corporations. The introductory class will present the legal challenges as well as the political implications presented by the globalization of markets and focuses on few examples for discussion.”  

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