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Jessup Summer School 2019!
Registration is now open!

The Jessup Summer School program in Moscow is open only to law school teams that are planning to participate in the 2019-20 Jessup International Moot Court competition. The summer school will be starting on July 15, 2019 and ending on July 27, 2019. (The program ends late in the evening on July 27. Regional teams should not to plan to leave Moscow before July 28!)

The price is 30,000 rubles per school, plus 9000 rubles per individual student sent by the school. Thus, if your school is sending 2 people (the minimum) the total cost is 48,000 rubles, 3 people is 57,000, 4 is 66,000 and 5 (the maximum) is 75,000 rubles.

If your school requests a contract, please click this link to download a contract draft.

Moscow Jessup Teams! Every year we encourage active participation from regional schools, but the economics are especially hard for teams that must travel from outside Moscow. Therefore, we will accept only Moscow law school teams that will agree to host (ie: house or arrange and pay for housing for) one team from outside Moscow. It doesn't mean that every Moscow team member is oblidged to allocate one person. We expect that Moscow teams will talk to their friends, professors, and school administration to help one regional team stay for the studying period, either by finding actual housing or by providing financial assistance. Teams that need hosting will be mainly Russian regional teams and teams from the near abroad and Eastern Europe and not necessarily consist of five people. If you are agree to this condition, please go ahead and register your team. For more information please click here.

For questions, please call +7 (495) 649 22 73 or send an email to

Before you try to register please be sure to know the number of students from your school who will be attending the Jessup Summer School, and the first and last names, email addresses and telephone numbers (including city codes) for
  1. The professor or administrator at your school who is authorizing your school’s participation in the Jessup.
  2. The person at your school or on your team who will be responsible for payment (ie who should be contacted with the invoice).
  3. The primary contact person for your team (either your team coach, team captain, or the person who you agree will be acting as your team captain for the summer)

If you don't know individual team members names yet, you can guess for now and change the names later, but note that no changes in names will be permitted after June 30.

No decreases in numbers of students will be permitted after June 30. Increases in numbers will be permitted as far as space allows, but you need to contact Pericles administration before increasing your numbers.

For those persons who participated in the summer school in prior years, please note that Pericles' location has changed. We are now at Marksistkaya Ulitsa 34, Korp 7, inside the MIRBIS Institute (the Moscow International Higher School of Business), between Marksistkaya/Taganskaya and Proletarskaya/Krestyanskaya Zastava metro stations. Please keep this new location in mind if coming from out of town and arranging for housing.

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