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Pericles LL.M. Leading Student Scholarships Program

Pericles offers scholarships for two exceptional students for up to 90% of the LL.M. degree's cost. These Leading Student Scholarships are reserved for students who have participated in the Russian National Rounds of the Jessup Completition, or for students who reside or studied in the locations outside of Moscow (regardless of Jessup participation). Applicants must apply within two years of finishing full time law study at their first university. If you do not meet this crieteria, please consider other types of financial support offered by Pericles to its LL.M. applicants.

Some 2010 Graduates


Pericles Leading Student Scholarships are available:

For graduates of the past two years from a regional law school, located outside of Moscow and Moscow region or any foreign law school outside of Russia and for participants in the Jessup International Moot Court program.

Scholarships cover up to 90% of the LL.M. degree's cost, subject to the winner maintaining good grades. Scholarships are not available for special study-abroad programs and do not include the cost of textbooks, or administrative fees of 8850rubles / course (as of June 10, 2017). 2 scholarships are awarded each year

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To apply, when you apply for the Pericles LL.M. Progran, answer 'Yes' to the question: 'Will you be applying for the Pericles Scholarship Program' and then chose 'Pericles LL.M. Leading Scholarship' in the Application form. Fill it in by the Deadline date (Usually at the beginning of December for Spring applicants and at the middle of July for Fall applicants). Before applying online be ready to submit electronic scans of the following documents:

In your application essay, in English, explain why you think you should receive the scholarship, and what highlights about your background you believe make you a good candidate to be awarded a scholarship.

Course Application



LL.M. Graduation ceremony in 2009


Email the above materials to Shahruh Mahkamdjanov, if you have trouble submitting them online. Wait for an email from us confirming that we have received your application, and giving you an exam number.

Students should be available to take an entrance exam at Pericles on a date to be determined.

Questions can be addressed to or to, or call (495) 649-22-73


Graduates of 2009The LL.M. Graduating class of 2012.