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Litigation & Trial Advocacy in the US

Professor Hugo Chaviano, Mondays and Wednesdays, June 25-August 1. 

The aim of the course is to teach practical skills that will help dispute resolution lawyers understand the litigation process so as to litigate in the US or better oversee US litigation for Russian clients.  The course will cover pleadings (including service of process, the complaint, appearance, answers and motions), discovery (interrogatories, document production and depositions), motion practice (enforcement motions and dispositive motions such as summary judgment), and trial practice (the pretrial hearing, motions in limine, jury instructions, jury selection, opening and closing statements and direct and cross examination). 

The course will include hands on practice in oral advocacy skills that can help lawyers represent clients before any English language tribunal. Students should expect to learn practical oral and written skills, as well as have an interesting time.  

Professor Chaviano is a Chicago litigator, mediator and public official with over 20 years experience in complex international litigation and dispute resolution. He also taught trial advocacy as an adjunct professor for twelve years at the highly ranked Northwestern University Law School in Chicago. He recently ended a two year political appointment as Director of the Illinois Department of Labor, and before that he was a senior partner at Sanchez, Daniels & Hoffman.

Hugo Chaviano’s bio can be found here