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Professor Armando Ambrosio

March 19 - April 27, 2019

Prof. Ambrosio introduces the course.

This is a two credit course in the Pericles LL.M. program. The course is offered on a credit/no credit basis. There is no exam. Credit depends on attendance and preparedness.

Course Objectives: This short course will teach practical mediation skills, analyzing the reasons for using mediation and other ADR procedures, learning legal framework and strategies for mediation, structuring the mediation process with step-by-step problem solving procedures, and learning and practicing the effective skills that are needed to be a good mediator and/or advocate in mediation. Active participation is required.

Schedule and Attendance Policy: Class will meet for 24 hours, March 19 through April 26 only. Tuesdays nights from 19:00-22:00 and Saturday mornings and afternoons from 11:00-13:00 and form 14:00-16:00.

Professor’s Biography: Armando Ambrosio graduated from University of Naples. He undertook a Master Degree (LL.M.) in International Business Law from King’s College London. He qualified as a mediator at AIA in Brussels, specializing in commercial disputes. He worked as a practitioner in the areas of corporate law, M&A, international contracts and ADR in major law firms in Milan, London, Luxemburg and New York. He is currently the resident partner of the Moscow office of the law firm of De Berti Jacchia.

Course Content:

Class 1: Introduction to Mediation and ADR
Tuesday March 19, h. 19:00-22:00

Class 2: The Mediation Process
Saturday March 23, h. 11:00-13:00 and h. 14:00-16:00

Class 3: Simulation of a Mediation (with participation of guest coach)
Tuesday March 26, h. 19:00-22:00

Class 4: The Law of Mediation. Mediation in Europe (with participation of guest speakers) Tuesday April 2, h. 19:00-22:00

Class 5: Simulation of a Mediation (with participation of guest coach)
Saturday April 6, h. 11:00-13:00 and h. 14:00-16:00

Class 6: Legal Issues, Public Policy and Ethical Issues in Mediation
Tuesday April 9, h. 19:00-22:00

Class 7: Representing Clients in Mediation
Saturday April 27, h. 11:00-13:00 and h. 14:00-16:00