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Course Application
'Approaching' Legal English

A Specialized Program in Lower-Intermediate to Intermediate Language Skills for Lawyers

(На подступах к юридическому английскому - обновленный курс повышения словарного запаса юристов и студентов юридических факультетов с английским языком уровня "low intermediate".)

Prof. Striegel introduces the course.

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The course is aimed to build professionals' English speaking capacities, with a focus on grammar, language vocabulary and legal terminology.


Approaching Legal English course is designed for lawyers and law students whose English is at the low intermediate to intermediate English language levels.

To assess your English language level, you can take the Legal-English-Test by creating a Student account and clicking 'Login to Moodle'>'Proceed to Moodle'> Enroll me'  Alternatively, you can visit us for a personal assessment of your language skills.

Course Length:

Approaching Legal English is 48 academic hours.


Approaching Legal English is literally that: a course for developing a deeper understanding of both everyday English and legal vocabulary in order to prepare for more advanced work in legal English.  This course is perfect for lawyers who learned English but have been away from it for many years and want to brush up their skills, or for those who just feel the need to develop more language confidence to work in English speaking legal enviroments or to move on to harder courses.

The course methodology keeps students engaged by reading a specially written legal fiction book about a Washington D.C. law firm partner, his colleagues traveling to Europe, and his Russian entrepreneur client. Students discuss it in class while also reviewing vocabulary and completing exercises on vocabulary, grammar and writing.   The course is taught by a Western lawyer who is also a certified English teacher, to ensure that students understand both English grammar and legal concepts.

The course includes general English language for writing and conversation, working in a law office, dealing with clients and co-workers, ordering in restaurants and booking hotels, as well as specialized legal vocabulary and concepts for dealing with court systems, general civil and criminal law, contract law, property law, corporate law, securities law and intellectual property law. Grammar concepts include a complete review of grammar basics, as well as more advanced work on such topics as articles, phrasal verbs, prepositions, irregular verbs and verb tenses, forms of adjectives, and business related idioms. You will feel at home with basic legal terms and general vocabulary.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate and will be much better prepared for conversing as a legal professional, or for taking Pericles Legal English or other Pericles skills courses.