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Change Leadership for Lawyers

This year has called on lawyers to be proactive leaders in order to succeed.†† As technology,† pandemics, economic sanctions and global unrest disrupt industries, relationships and, jobs, you need to respond with agility, resilience, and courage.

In todayТs environment, navigating and leading successful change is no longer a luxury.† It is a necessity.† MBA students have been studying change leadership for years, but such skills have been largely ignored in law schools. ItТs time to alter that.† This course develops key skills that will enable you to master leading, embracing and managing change in your company or legal practice.† You will learn practical frameworks and tools to analyze, understand, and use disruption to your advantage.† You will practice strategies to communicate, empower, and connect people in the legal field as well as in business.

Organizational and personal success depends on your ability to master the art of change, from that of the individual to that of the greater system.† Remember, leading change is not merely managing change, but is directing and using change to your advantage.

This is a one credit course in PericlesТ Ll.M. program.† You are not graded but will be expected to participate in several interactive exercises, and may be asked to share a personal example of a time you coped with a changing situation.