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Course Application

Legal Tech and the Modern Law Practice: Analysis of Global Developments and a Gaze into the Crystal Ball of the Future

Co-Professors Moritz Naef and Raffael Bruechi

In a short series of lectures and workshops the course will cover

  • Overview of global legal services market: fields, players, developments

  • Overview of the Russian legal services market

  • The clients’ view: exploring the way different types of clients are buying legal services

  • Inside a modern law firm. Sub-topics include:

    • Recruiting talent

    • Knowledge management

    • Business Development & Marketing

    • IT

    • Case study: Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer.

  • How technology changes the way law is practiced: main areas, players, developments. Sub-topics include:

    • E-discovery, search technology

    • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

    • Document automation and management

    • Blockchain and smart contracts

  • Will law students become coders? How the new developments could affect legal studies

  • Workshops (objective: students apply new knowledge to solve practical problems, come up with creative ideas and think as entrepreneurs):

    • Unbundling legal services and applying technology

    • Using technology to change the way law is practiced (judicial system, litigation, access to justice, voting etc.)

    • Creating a start-up to make a business of new ways of practicing law