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Meet the 2019 Raffle Winner:

Anastasia Volodina, MSU

Everyone who visited Career Days at HSE, MSU and MSLA in Moscow in March -April had a chance to take part in a free course raffle at the Pericles' stand.

We are happy to present Anastasia Volodina, a student of the Law Faculty of MSU who is entitled to take a free legal course at Pericles!

My name is Anastasia Volodina. I am a third year student of Lomonosov Moscow State University - Law School. During all my life I fond of English. I think its really fascinatingly to know new languages, especially because I regulary travelling abroad. 

In modern life you cant do without English. Im a future lawyer and would like working in international company or consulting. Anyways I need a perfect English for communicating with foreign partners. Also in my profession I have a lot of work with legal documents and its really important to know how to do it in English, to understand the features of  them. 

I am really happy that I have a chance to study course of Legal English in Pericles Law Center 

Thanks and regards,
Anastasia Volodina

Congratulations Anastasia, and we look forward to seeing you at our courses in Fall!



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