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Polina Toktaganova
Student of the Month
March 2001

GMAT score: 660

Welcome to our March Student of the Month. Since Pericles has started this project, which is now over a year, it has been difficult to determine who will be our Student of the Month. We always try to choose those students that stand above the rest. Those that have been successful in the past and those that will be successful in the future. And this is exactly what we found in our March Student of the Month. We give you Polina Toktaganova.

Polina is a graduate of Moscow State University where she received her degree in Russian Literature from the Philology faculty. She then went on to attend courses at AIBEc. This is a good place to mention that Polina also took our AIBEc entrance exam preparation course. Polina then returned to Pericles to take our GMAT course, after which she took some additional classes with our renowned Math professor, Professor Ali. With our help Polina obtained a 660 on the GMAT test. Following her exam Polina decided to apply and was accepted to Duke University Fuqua where she plans on concentrating either on Banking or Consulting.

Currently Polina is a paralegal at Renaissance Capital and preparing for her start date at Duke. With all that she has accomplished Duke is a fortunate school to have Polina as part of their 2001 entering class. We know that she will do well and we wish her the best of luck at Duke and after her graduation from Fuqua. Good Luck and Best Wishes from everyone at Pericles!