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Student of the Month
APRIL 2003

Top GPA in the Master of Laws Program (LL.M.)

Congratulations to Marsha Whyte, Pericles’ Student of the Month for April, 2003!

Recently Marsha has added one more accomplishment to her many existing achievements. After the first semester she has earned the top GPA in the Master of Laws Program, the two year secondary legal education program launched by Pericles ABLE Project in September 2002.

Marsha received her first law degree from Moscow State Institute of Economics, Management and Law where she specialized in Civil Litigation. Upon graduation she joined OOO "Greatex Legal and Consulting" and was subsequently promoted to her current position of the Senior Lawyer in the firm. Even by most conservative assessments Marsha fits the profile of the ‘ideal’ student. In Marsha’s own words, she joined the LLM program because “one has to work really hard and learn a lot to be a successful lawyer.” The Western legal education system, according to Marsha, places a lot of emphasis on the ability to analyze legal issues and write opinions and memos in a structured way. A lot of case law is studied and a student is expected to derive legal rules from the cases s/he read and apply them appropriately. Yet, Russian students are customarily trained to apply statutes first, and they are hesitant to offer interpretations, which differ from the traditional view. Thus, the intimate familiarity with both, Russian and Western legal systems can forge a successful attorney in our age of global economy.

Pericles’ staff and student body wish Marsha Whyte further achievements in her manifestly bright future!!!