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Khachatur "Chris" Nalbandyan is our September 2004 Student of the Month

After great persistence he received a 690 on the GMAT!


Pericles honors Khachatur "Chris" Nalbandyan as our September 2004 Student of the Month. We congratulate him on greatly improving his GMAT results on an August 31 exam. He is an inspiration in perserverance and in believing in one's abilities.

Khachatur inspires us all by raising his score to an excellent level, despite several, less successful tries. Khachatur first took the exam without preparation and scored 600, but unsatisfied with that score he studied a preparation program in Great Britain and somehow managed to lower his score to 530, (Wrong direction there Chris!) and then only 570 on another try! :(

Knowing he could do better, Khahatur came to Pericles, studied in our GMAT preparation course and read our course books and the various preparation books available in our library. Well, once more he took the test and the score went well over 600, but it was still not as high as he believed he could do. So Khachatur took some private tutorials with Pericles professors, and started reviewing with the software we gave him, and, BINGO, 690! Khachatur says that the problem with his early scores was that very few off-the-shelf textbooks and preparation materials concentrate on such issues as GMAT logic, complex grammar, or the GMAT way of reading. He says that the test preparation classes he attended at Pericles were vital to his improvement. Contact with native speakers enhanced his language ability as a whole; and he improved his ability to reason.

Khachatur didn't just concentrate on the GMAT but has also developed a careful application strategy. He intends to apply to two schools in the first round and three in the second, so that he can have adequate time to carefully prepare each application while balancing his job responsibilities as head of the financial department at Kraftway Corporation, Moscow. His first round hits are Stanford and Fuqua, and in the second round he will apply to Kellogg, University of Michigan and Wharton.

When he finishes the application process, Khachatur hopes to get back to his hobbies of learning foreign languages (He speaks 5: Russian, Armenian, English, Spanish and Portuguese, and he's planning to learn Italian.) and keeping up with his favorite sports of tennis and bodybuilding.

Congratulations Chris! We hope you get accepted everywhere right away so that you have time to relax and learn Italian before leaving for B-school.