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For the month of September we would like to honor our Fall 2006 LL.M. class, who started classes on September 23.

Over the many years through this special column on our web site, we have showcased those of our students who, in our opinion, have done especially well in academic performance and in their professional careers. This time around, though, as we gathered to decide on whom to choose for this month’s award we decided to do things differently: we have chosen not one Student of the Month, but the entering LLM group for the Fall 2006 semester as Students of the Month September 2006.

The group boasts of rich experience from diverse fields of practice. After completing their various degree programs from some of the leading Russian universities, the members of this group took up employment with several reputable international firms. Most of those in the entering class this fall are in-house lawyers in banks and other financial institutions, while others have opted for private practice or the corporate world. Most of them have legal interests in intellectual property, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, banking law, securities and general corporate law; while one student specializes in litigation. 

The group is also personally diverse, with ages ranging from 20 to 36, and hometowns including Moscow, Ryazan, Vologda, Voronezh and others. Some are married with children, while others are determinedly free and single.  Their personal interests range from football to philosophy.  And they have studied not only at Moscow State University (2) and Moscow State Law Academy (2), but also at such places as Ryazan State Pedagogical University and the Rostov Academy of Public Administration.  

But one thing they all share is an interest in the world and in international business.  About half work in multi-national environments. Several have studied abroad, two in England and two in the US; three are qualified as English translators, others speak German or French as a third language, and one is now beginning the study of Japanese.

In addition to their interests in law and international matters, members of the group also have other interests that, in a way, reflect the things we cherish the most at our school. For instance, our students demonstrate the leadership and spirit of community service that we believe is truly the key to world class lawyers.  Some are working with children, representing the poor, or volunteering for international non-profit organizations in their spare times. Others have passionate commitments to learning, as shown by two who have obtained candidate degrees in law, and by several others who have advanced study in various professional fields or areas of personal interest. 
To the entering LLM group for the fall 2006 semester we say congratulations on your admission to the Pericles LLM program and welcome to the Pericles family.   We wish you every success in your studies.