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Anton Maltsev

is our
September 2007
Student of the Month

Anton Maltsev :

Our student of the month for September is Anton Maltsev, a graduate of our LL.M. program. Congratulations Anton!

Actually, we are cheating a bit here because Anton is not only a graduate, but a former staff member at Pericles. Thus, our entire staff loves Anton and follow his success carefully. And this month's success is quite obvious from the photo: Anton and his wife Natasha just gave birth to a baby boy, Maxim, born in mid-August. (We would have honored him earlier, but it took him a while to send us the photo. :)

While nothing compares to the achievement of becoming a father, Anton has been very successful in both his academic and professional life. Anton comes from Khabarovsk and came to Moscow in a rather unusual way: When he was a teenager he apparently told his mother that he would be married and living and working in Moscow by the time he was 25. Several years later, unfortunately, his mother died, and the traumatic event reminded him of his vow and reminded him that he was about to turn the fatal age. So within a couple of months of turning 25, he got married, applied for our LL.M. program, got accepted, packed up his belongings, and moved to Moscow . That story, and the fact that he scored the highest on the LL.M. entrance exam, compelled us to take him as a last minute admittee to the Pericles LL.M. program, and to give him a work-study job to help tide him through until he could master his studies and start a career here.

Anton worked for us and completed the LL.M. program in the course of two years-graduating with honors in 2006, at the same time as studying for a Candidate Degree at the Institute of Private Law. When his studies were almost over, he applied and was accepted for a position at the law firm of Baker & McKenzie, where he was quickly promoted to the position of Associate in the Corporate M&A and International Commercial Arbitration departments.

Anton still works for Baker & McKenzie, and, as we hear it, loves his work and is very successful there. Of course, now he will have to divide his time between his work and his young son-the newest challenge on what is turning out to be a life of successful achievement.

Again Anton, congratulations to you and Natalia on the new arrival. Your friends at Pericles wish you every success in academics, career and family life!