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Pericles Account - Terms and Conditions


1. Upon application the student must pay a 9000 rouble Deposit, which will be credited toward the student’s course cost. This Deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE unless a student is denied a place in the course. No place will be reserved in a course until the Deposit is paid.

2. All remaining tuition payments must be made in cash roubles or via bank transfer prior to the first day of the course unless Financial Aid has been awarded or unless otherwise agreed upon by Pericles management. Tuition left unpaid by the beginning of a course may result in your losing your place in the group.

3. An early enrolment discount of 3000 rubles is available on most courses for advanced registrations made before the deadlines set each semester. The early enrolment discount is revoked if the course is not fully paid by the end of the first week of course or such shorter period as may be indicated for condensed courses.

4. A late payment penalty of 2000 rubles will be applied to all courses that are not paid in full by the end of the first half of the course or the first month of the course, whichever is earlier. An additional 2000 ruble late fee will be charged for each additional month or partial month of late payment thereafter.

5. No books and materials will be given out until tuition for a course is fully paid. Course materials are included in the cost of the courses for Test Preparation Courses and non-LL.M. courses. Courses may use library materials, for which a security deposit is required. This security deposit is separate from tuition payments and is refundable when materials are returned on time and in good condition.

6. For courses meeting 20 hours or more, students withdrawing by notifying the Registrar in writing at or before the end of the first six hours of the course, may receive a full refund of their fees, excluding the non-refundable Deposit. For courses shorter than 20 hours, no refund will be made after the end of the first class session.

7. Students withdrawing later than the times specified in paragraphs 6 will not receive a refund. Students failing to attend classes without formally withdrawing will not receive a refund. Students failing to attend classes without formally notifying the Registrar of a wish to transfer to another course will not be able to preserve their deposit.

8. At the discretion of the Dean, it may be possible to transfer a course Deposit for a course not taken to a later schedule of the same course, or to another course at a more appropriate academic level.

9. If Pericles is paid directly by someone other than the student or has reason to believe that someone other than the student has paid for the student's tuition, Pericles reserves the right to make refunds directly to the paying person or company, or, alternatively, to contact the person or company and inform them that the course has been dropped and a refund made.

10. Students in Good Standing are allowed free use of the Pericles library upon payment of a refundable book/video security deposit. The book/video security deposits will be forfeited for overdue or damaged books or materials, in accordance with the library policy posted near the reception desk.

11. Test Preparation courses may be repeated by Students in Good Standing, once, free of charge, for up to one year from the date of the course in which the student originally enrolled. Repeating students should enroll in advance to reserve a seat. Test Preparation students may also drop in to repeat classes unofficially, if space is available, without reserving a seat and without using up their one free repeat. (Unofficial repeaters will not have their essays reviewed by the course professors.) Repeat classes will be denied, however, to students with overdue library books or videos, who have violated Pericles' Academic Policies, or who are otherwise not in Good Standing.

12. Students in Good Standing who wish to repeat a test preparation course in a group that begins after one year from the start date of their original enrolment may do so upon payment of a new course deposit. No other course charges will be made.

13. A student in “Good Standing” is defined as a student who is up to date on any fees or tuition payments due to Pericles, who is not in violation of Pericles' Academic Policies, and who is not overdue on returning library books or videos.


1. Students who are in violation of Pericles' Academic Policies listed herein will lose their status as Students in Good Standing until the violation is corrected to the satisfaction of the Dean. Serious violations may result in removal from a class, prevention from completing a course or taking other courses with no refund given.

2. Students are expected to comply with the Honor Code when taking any course that leads to a grade or degree. The Honor Code means that all students are expected to complete their course work independently of each other and without unauthorized help; to confess to their own violations of the Honor Code; and to report conduct of any other student that appears to be in violation of the Honor Code. Violations of the Honor Code are more specifically set forth in the Code itself.

3. Students should respect the rights of other students, of the faculty and staff, and of the school. Students must not take or intentionally damage property of other students, the faculty, staff or school; must not be physically or verbally abusive to other students, faculty or staff; must not disrupt classes; and must not be adversely under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on school property.

4. Students who damage or lose, whether intentionally or accidentally, the property of other students, faculty, staff or the school, or who injure other students, faculty or staff, are expected to promptly and adequately compensate the harmed party.

5. Professors are prohibited from dating or entering into personal relationships with students whom they are instructing or supervising, or with whom there is a possibility of their instructing or supervising in the future. Students likewise must not date or enter into personal relationships with their professors. Professors may not give or accept any gifts, favors or personal invitations from students, apart from nominal gifts or favors, or invitations that are extended to or from the entire class. Professors may not perform or enter into agreements to perform personal services or legal consulting work with students or students’ companies without Pericles permission.

6. Students must provide accurate information on applications for admission and financial aid.

7. Repeated violation of other school policies, as they may be announced from time to time, or repeated refusal to comply with requests of Pericles' faculty or staff, is also considered an Academic Policy violation.


1. Pericles maintains personal information on students and applicants at what we believe to be the minimum amount necessary to ensure our ability to get in touch with our students and applicants, and to allow students secure access to on-line course materials, and to ensure accurate recording of grades and course information. We do not collect or retain sensitive information about applicants or students such as ethnicity, political opinion or health records.

2. Grades, papers and test results of students will not be released without a student's permission, with the exception that this information will be released to employers if such employer is paying for the student to attend the course about which the information is requested. Student names, telephone numbers and other contact information also will not be released without permission to anyone other than Pericles staff and faculty for school purposes.

3. Pericles maintains an email mailing list for informing students of upcoming events. The addresses on this mailing list are kept private. Pericles does not sell nor otherwise release any information from this mailing list. You may remove yourself from this mailing list by writing to Pericles Admissions Director and requesting removal.

4. According to Russian Law, Pericles maintains student records, including, but not limited to, email addresses, telephone numbers, personal and work addresses, written work submitted for courses, and grading information on a web server located within the Russian Federation. This information is not transferred outside the Russian Federation, although it may be accessed by the applicable professors and students from outside the Russian Federation.

5. Pericles endeavours to keep confidential any information you provide to Pericles via email, Pericles website or Pericles learning management system. However, you agree not to hold Pericles responsible for any hacking or other violation of privacy or websecurity that may occur.

6. You are responsible for keeping your personal data supplied to Pericles updated, and for keeping your password to your Pericles account secure.

7. By registering an account or our website or applying for a course, you consent to your use of your personal data according to these policies.


1. SAFETY Students should understand that the MIRBIS building is a public facility and there have been instances of theft from guests and visitors to the hotel. ANO Pericles takes no responsibility for personal items left unattended . If you are the first one in a classroom that is opened for you before a class, please do not leave the classroom until someone else arrives to wait there. Please do not leave classrooms unattended during breaks. Please inform the receptionist if you are the last one to leave a classroom. Please also inform the receptionist if you see any suspicious characters in the hallways or classrooms.

2. MISCELLANEOUS Smoking We are a non-smoking facility. Please take your cigarette breaks down the outside of the building in the designated smoking areas of the hotel. Cell Phones Please keep all cellular phones turned off, or turned to silent mode during classes. Trash Please pick up your trash and deposit it in the trash cans when you leave class. Please do not chew gum in class and do not leave used gum attached to the furniture.


I understand that by registering through this website I am applying for the course(s) listed in this application and certifying that all the information above is correct to the best of my knowledge, and that I have read and agree to Pericles' Financial and Refund Policies, Academic Policies; Privacy Policies and Other Policies. I further understand that (unless otherwise agreed in writing with Pericles Dean or Pericles Admissions Director) I am committing to pay in full for the courses and that the first 9000 roubles of my payment for each class is a non-refundable deposit that must be paid before my space will be confirmed in the class.

A Pericles staff member will confirm receipt of your registration by email or phone call, clarify any questions regarding your application, and tell you the date by which you must come to the Pericles office to confirm your enrolment by paying your deposit and having your English checked. For further inquiries email or call us at and (495) 649-2273.

Applying in Person:

To absolutely assure your place in the class it is best to apply in person. Register online and cll us or visit at Marksistskaya St., 34, K7, Office 1,2 (1st floor), Moscow. There you must pay your deposit and someone will speak with you briefly to check the information on your application and assure that your English ability is sufficient to complete the course.


Policies updated September 2020