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Pericles Russian Law Letter

Attention law students!

We invite you to participate in Russia's first student-run, English-language newsletter, the Pericles Russian Law Letter. The purpose of this law letter is to inform Western lawyers about Russian legal issues and to give students an opportunity to develop writing skills.

We are seeking several law students with a good knowledge of English and some computer skills to join our team as student editors. This is an unpaid internship position, similar to law review work in American law schools. Editors will work approximately 10 hours per week on research, translation, editing and other duties.
This is a good opportunity to learn teamwork and strengthen your legal research abilities and knowledge of law. Also, you will improve your English, as well as, your chances of entering a Western LL.M. program.

As a bonus, you will:

1. be allowed to free internet access,
2. improve your computer skills,
3. learn good work habits and office procedures,
4. add experience to your CV and,
5. best of all, put your name in front of a number of foreign lawyers who will be our readers and who might be in a position to hire you in the future.

Finally, you will meet interesting people and have fun!

With over 200 subscribers, and requests for subscriptions coming in weekly, the Law Letter is beginning to reach all the Western law firms with offices in Russia, as well as numerous American and British law professors and students. Many Russian lawyers are subscribers, too.

Pericles ABLE Project is a non-commercial training center, which, in addition to this newsletter project, offers a wide variety of business and legal education courses. Students from MGU, MGIMO, Higher School of Economics, Moscow State Law Academy and the Institute of State and Law had participated in our projects in the past, and we can provide references from all these sources. You can learn more about us on our website www.pericles.ru. Interested students should contact the Editorial Board, via e-mail, at info@pericles.ru or by phone 292-6463/5188.

Anton Maltsev
Project Coordinator, ANO Pericles
ABLE (American Business& Legal Education) Project
Tverskaya Ul 10, Suite 319 Moscow 103009 Russia