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We are sorry, but we are no longer teaching GRE and are recommending that applicants instead take the GMAT. Please read below for the reasons why we decided to stop this course.

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GRE has been required for a long time for those wishing to enter most Masters Degree and Doctoral Programs in the United States. However, in modern times, most programs related to economics, finance, business or other related subjects, and even some unrelated masters programs accept either the GRE or the GMAT. When their posted information requests GRE, you can usually, nonetheless, substitute a GMAT score. Check with your potential school if you are unsure.

Although we attempted to teach GRE for many years, it is our strong opinion that the GRE exam is extremely difficult for non-native speakers. The vocabulary tested is more than what is really needed for most graduate programs, and thus, in our opinion, unfairly discriminates against non-native speakers.

Similarly, the GRE quantitative section is fairly easy and is geared to the type of high school and college math taught in the United States. Contrarily, the GMAT quantitative section is a bit harder than the GRE, but is the type of math that Russian students learn in high school. Thus, it's a bit more advantageous to applicants from Russia, as well as from other countries in which the mathematics training is good.

Thus, we strongly advise students to take the GMAT rather than the GRE.

If you still plan to take the GRE rather than GMAT, please note that the GMAT quantitative section, as well as the analytical writing, grammar and reading comprehension sections in our GMAT preparation course, will all increase your preparation for the GRE. Also note that our professors may be willing to give individual, one-on-one lessons to help you prepare for GRE.


We reserve the right to revise all posted schedules. Check with the Pericles office 495-649-2273 for the latest schedule information.