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USD Summer Scholarships Program
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The University of San Diego's Institute on International and Comparative Law (USD Institute) runs the world's oldest and most prestigious travel study program for law students. The program has been running for more than 40 years, and includes courses in London, Oxford, Paris, Barcelona, Florence, Dublin and Moscow. All the courses are given in English by American law professors. Students who successfully complete the courses are awarded a certificate from the University of San Diego. In some cases, this certificate can be credited towards LL.M. study (check with your LL.M. program).

The University of San Diego's Institute on International and Comparative Law sponsors a unique summer scholarship program for Russian lawyers and Russian law students to study international law topics in these Western European capitals alongside American law students. Pericles American Business & Legal Education Project administers this scholarship program for the Institute on International and Comparative Law, and hosts their summer study program in Russia.

In agreement with the USD Institute, Pericles selects Russian law students and recently graduated lawyers to receive a scholarship to attend Institute courses. We can select up to two students per location, and students may take up to two courses in each location. This scholarship is a waiver of tuition costs only. Students will be expected to pay a non-refundable administrative fee of $500 for each program in addition to covering their own travel and living costs. In rare cases of financial hardship the administrative fee can be reduced or waived. Those costs vary depending on the city where the program is located. For instance, if you live in Moscow and you take the program in Moscow you pay only for what it costs you to live in Moscow and for the long weekend excursion to St. Petersburg. If you take the program in London, however, you will have to pay for your flight to London and for an apartment or dormitory room in London for the length of the program, and your visa expenses at the British embassy.

Scholarships will be given on a combination of merit and need. You must fill out an application, which is available on this website, starting late January or early February of each year, and then take a competitive written examination, which is given in the beginning of March of each year. This exam tests English language reading comprehension, knowledge of American legal terminology, logical thinking skills and English writing ability. This examination is like a miniature LSAT exam--it is not something you can study for well in advance with the exception of familiarizing yourself with the types of questions and practicing your English writing skills. The exam is given in writing and will take about 3 hours. It will be blind graded by American professors (the readers will not know your name when grading your exam). At the end of the exam, someone who does not know you will be asked to assign extra points based on the quality of your references and resume, and whether you have serious financial need.

You should be aware that, once you are admitted to the program, the USD Institute will make no special privileges for you as a Russian student. It is attended mainly by American law students who are studying for the equivalent of a Candidate degree; but Candidate level students from England, Canada, Germany, France and other countries also sometimes attend. Thus, you will be expected to attend classes, read approximately 30 pages per course per day, and take written exams in English along with all the other students. You will be expected to follow the University of San Diego's strict honor system policy on cheating. It is very possible that you will not get exam grades that are as high as those you are accustomed to receiving in Russian courses.

For more information on the Russian student scholarship program, contact Pericles' staff, at, or call at (495)-649-2273. To download the full application packet click here: or on the blue box at the top of the page.

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For information on the University of San Diego's summer study program as a whole, check the Institute of International & Comparative Law's website at:

If you are unsuccessful on, ineligible for, or too late for, the scholarship examination this year, and you want to apply to the program as a paying student, you should contact the University of San Diego directly Note that the University of San Diego does not award Russian student scholarships directly. You MUST contact Pericles for the scholarship application and information.